All foreign students are provided with places in dormitories located on the territory of the college:

  • Dorm1 Pozharny lane, 20
  • Dorm No.2 K. Marx Street, 10

In each room live 2 or 3 students. Dorm rooms are provided with furniture, necessary inventory and equipment. There are self-training rooms, sanitary rooms and showers. There are automatic washing machines, as well as special rooms equipped for drying clothes.

Dorm No. 2 has an aerobics room, as well as a gym for sports and cultural events equipped with exercise equipment. There is also a library and reading room.

Dorms on each floor have kitchens equipped with everything necessary for cooking and eating. The kitchens are equipped with 4 comfort electric stoves, cutting tables, sinks, refrigerators, electric kettles, microwave ovens and electric diodes.

In the educational institution "Mogilev State Medical College" there are 2 public catering facilities: a buffet located in the educational building No. 1, and a cafe "O’key", designed for 48 seats.

The service company is UKPP "Dieta". Opening hours are from 9.30 to 17.00. The range is quite diverse. Meat, fish, and chicken dishes, salads (up to 6 items), soups (at least 2 types), side dishes (at least 3 types), juices, compotes, tea, coffee, fresh pastries, and confectionery are available daily. The average cost of a complex lunch is 3-5 rubles.