If you are going to study at the educational institution "Mogilev State Medical College", you must provide for the following expenses:

  • compulsory health insurance for one year - 170€ ($187)
  • passing a mandatory medical examination – $150
  • registration with the internal affairs bodies of the Republic of Belarus – $60
  • the cost of an exit-entry visa – $40
  • translation of passport into Russian, registration with a notary – $20
  • payment for accommodation in the dormitory per month – $22-25
  • food expenses from 300 BYR per month (from $150)
  • expenses for purchasing warm clothing and winter shoes
  • purchase of an air ticket to the country of residence (for citizens of Turkmenistan - $ 350)

We remind you! In case of deportation or expulsion from the Republic of Belarus, the foreign citizen pays all related expenses in full.